Magen Am Launches Program to Assist “Lone Soldier” Veterens

As anti-semtic attacks and civil unrest continue to rise, the conversations continue about how to best protect our community. There have been many organizations and selfless volunteers around the country who have stepped up and taken on the responsibility of protecting our schools, shuls, and residential neighborhoods. There is however, one vital resource from within that to date we are not best utilizing when it comes to the security and protection of our community.

Our Israel Defense Forces ‘Lone Soldier’ Veterans.

Until now.

Magen Am, a nonprofit Jewish security organization based out of Los Angeles (who were on the front lines protecting the Jewish community during recent riots) is launching a new program called the Lone Soldier Veterans Program. Our IDF soldiers carry the amazing responsibility of protecting Israel and her citizens who face countless threats of terror each and every day. As the threats continue to rise here in the United States, who better to protect our Jewish community? Our IDF ‘lone soldier’ veterans are battle tested and have the skills and experiences to be the ultimate first line of defense from within our community. Their sworn mission to protect and defend Jewish life will continue.

The IDF ‘lone soldier’ veterans will continue their training to meet the specific security needs of each community – and they will protect schools, synagogues, businesses, events, and residential neighborhoods. Our community must continue take our safety and security into our own hands, and Magen Am is committed to continuing to provide the best possible protection for the Jewish community.

Additionally, The Magen Am Lone Soldier Veterans program will benefit the IDF ‘lone soldier’ veterans by providing them with a ‘soft landing’ and helping them reintegrate back into civilian society. The skills, resources, and tools, acquired through the program will help set up a foundation of success for the rest of their lives. The benefits our veterans will receive will include:

– Paid living expenses; including apartment, meals, and vehicle for up to 12 months
– Personal development; including mental health counseling, healthy living classes, business coaching/mentoring, networking, and more.
– High level training to the specific needs to the Jewish community
– Equipment, uniforms, and licensing for security jobs
– Job Placement

We need your partnership to help make the launch of this most important program a success! Every dollar raised will go directly towards protecting the Jewish community and towards ensuring a successful future for our IDF ‘lone soldier’ veteran heroes! Donate:

We can help our IDF veterans create a foundation of success for the rest of their lives, while they help secure our Jewish community. Together we will ensure a bright future for the entire Jewish people!

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