Song From A Shliach: Yossi Rodal “Dry Tears”

In 2006, after battling with cancer for six short months, Reizi, the younger sister of Shliach Yossi Rodal, passed away at the tender age of ten years old. Yossi was only twelve years old at the time.

To help me navigate the inner feelings of pain, Yossi started writing and composing. Time doesn’t heal, it just dries your tears.

After 13 years, Yossi went to therapy and finally managed to confront his twelve year old self and let him know that it’s ok to accept that what we don’t understand, that you will never heal if you’re looking to find a reason. You just can’t see it now.

Six months ago, my own Baby Reizi was born.

“Dry tears” is Yossi’s story. It’s the journey he still travel every day.

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