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Report: Monsey Hatzoloh Members Son In Bid To Buy ELAL


The son of a Monsey Hatzoloh Paramedic, Kenneth (Naftali) Rozenberg, has been named as the person looking to bid for shares in Israeli airline ELAL.

The airline found itself in trouble as COVID-19 ground the industry to a halt, and was saved through a last minute loan agreement from the Israeli government.

Under the agreement, the airline will receive a $250 million government-backed loan, and raise another $150 million by selling shares on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, with the state purchasing any unsold stock.

Naftali Rozenberg, who owns the Centers Nursing Home chain, put in a bid through his son, an Israeli citizen. It is not confirmed yet if the bid will be accepted by the present owners of ELAL, Knafaim, will accept it.

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