After DeBlasio Singles Out Orthodox Jews on Twitter, NYPD Goes on Ticketing Binge In Williamsburg


Just a day after Mayor Bill DeBlasio apologized for a twitter rant singling out Orthodox Jews, the NYPD flooded the Williamsburg and Boro Park sections of Brooklyn, ticketing orthodox Jews exclusively for perceived social distancing violations.

The targeted crackdown ticketed people for not following social distancing guidelines such as not wearing masks in public, or not remaining six feet apart.

“Retaliation In Williamsburg,” was the headline of YeshivaWorldNews, who reported that nearly 100 summonses were given out in just a few short hours.

Witnesses reported that groups of police officers raided synagogues and open public buildings, giving $1000 fines to those they deemed not following the rules.

One resident remarked “Welcome to DeBlasio’s Gestapo,” as he watched two officers stopping a Williamsburg resident without a mask.

The targeted operation comes after a funeral of a well respected Rabbi in Williamsburg  ended in the police dispersing the large crowd on Tuesday.

Events at the funeral were far from simple, with the NYPD having been involved in the planning of a socially distant funeral, only to cancel their social distancing plan at the last minute. Despite attempts to keep the proper guidelines, the funeral became a large press of thousands of people. Mayor Bill DeBlasio was magically on hand to witness the spectacle, which he ordered immediately shut down.

Soon after, DeBlasio targeted the Orthodox Jewish community in a series of tweets that brought condemnation from a senators, politicians and community leaders across the spectrum.

The next morning, DeBlasio made a public apology, only to then have the NYPD cracking down on social distancing in only the Orthodox Jewish neighborhood of Willimansburg.

Many across social media have criticized both the mayor and governor for what they perceive as hypocritical actions.

“While they ticket us for not wearing masks, the politicians stand at press confreres bare faced and rubbing shoulders,” one Willamsburg resident protested.

A protest outside the 90th Police Precinct is scheduled for 3:00pm, and those participating were asked to please maintain social distancing guidelines.