Dr. Zelenko Updates On His Coronavirus Treatment, Publishes Letter To Anash

by CrownHeights.info

In a letter addressed to Rabbi Raskin of London, England, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, who famously became the name behind a treatment plan for COVID-19, updates on the outcome of his famed treatment plan.

Dr. Zelenko is a physician who practices medicine in Orange county, NY, and has cared for the Kiryas Yoel Jewish community for 16 years. Kiryas Yoel has a population of 35,000 people, all living within one square mile.

In his letter, Dr. Zelenko faces off against his naysayers, pointing out their flawed studies and misrepresentations.

“Many New York hospitals are administering some of the medications that I use in the treatment protocol,” wrote Dr. Zelenko. “However they are erroneously waiting until the infection advances to a secondary
condition that is generally referred to as Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, ARDS.”

Dr. Zelenko’s treatment plan of Hydrochloriquine, Zinc, and Azythromax calls for early treatment of symptoms, long before patients would require hospitalization.

Zelenko likened the late treatment of COVID-19 with his treatment “like a firefighter waiting until a small fire spreads to become a raging inferno and only then to begin trying to put it out. This is either the height of stupidity or simply criminal negligence, I don’t know which.”

He also begs people to take the virus seriously, and offers his services to anash to help save lives.