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Following Recovery, United Hatzalah Chief Eli Beer Returning to Israel


Eli Beer, President and Founder of United Hatzalah, will fly to Israel after recovering from coronavirus, Israel Hayom reported.

Beer, 46, was hospitalized in Miami, Florida, last month after contracting coronavirus during a fundraising trip. Despite his young age and perfect medical history, Beer’s condition quickly deteriorated and he spent three weeks unconscious and on a ventilator.

Earlier this month, Beer regained consciousness, and on Monday Israel Hayom reported that Beer will be flown home to Israel on Tuesday, in the private plane belonging to the Adelson family.

“We are really excited, it’s hard to describe the feeling, it’s just not normal,” Beer’s wife Gitty told Israel Hayom. “We haven’t seen him for four months, since his trip this time was especially long – he was in India, Washington, England, and other places. It was just a nightmare.”

“There were days when they told me his situation was really serious. Every day we see the number of deaths in the newspaper, and it is really scary…G-d help us. We are a very optimistic family, so we continued to hope and pray. At the same time, we are all medics, so we continued working in the field, to help others.”

Gitty spoke with her husband for the first time on the sixth day of Passover. “He recognized me and the children, and it was very emotional. We sang, we put on music, we toasted. It was completely unreal. It took him time to understand what had happened, that the world is under lockdown and people are walking around with masks and gloves, and that there are no flights or hotels. He was in shock, like an alien arriving from a different planet. He thought he’d been asleep for two days, he had no idea. We needed to tell him that people he knew had died of coronavirus.”

Beer has completely recovered from coronavirus, and has developed antibodies to it. On Monday evening at 8:00p.m. EST, Beer will board the Adelsons’ plane and take off for Israel, where he will land on Tuesday, to be greeted by his excited family.

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