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Schools Close Throughout The World To Slow Coronavirus


Jewish schools from the United States to Russia have shut their doors and told their students to stay home as nations battle to slow the Coronavirus pandemic.

“We were advised that all local schools be closed because we expect a very large outbreak in the community based on the trends seen all over the world,” principals of Crown Heights schools wrote to parents.

Children are considered to be the most prolific carriers of viruses, and despite having little danger from Coronavirus themselves, can quickly spread the virus to family members and other children.

School closures have already been announced across the United States in almost every state, as well as in Canada and Russia.

Schools have turned to online teaching platforms as an alternative, with no clear idea when the closures will end.

Crown Heights, which saw multiple major exposures in the community, has taken the lead in teaching alternatives, with multiple online platforms available to schools and families worldwide.

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