Crown Heights Resident Shocked to Discover Bugs in Quinoa at Home


A Crown Heights resident who decided to check things out for himself was horrified to discover that the quinoa he had recently purchased was in fact teeming with bugs.

The OU issued a kosher alert last month warning that some brands of quinoa were recently found to contain booklice and that OU Kosher was looking into the matter.

The product in this particular person’s instance, Quinoa Whole Grain by Natural Earth Products, a Brooklyn-based company, was found upon inspection to in fact contain the unkosher pests.

In their alert, the OU warned that quinoa should not be used without a thorough inspection.

The recommended method of checking: Pour the quinoa into a thirty mesh sifter and agitate for 30 seconds over a white surface. If any booklice are found on the white surface, the quinoa should be discarded.

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