Numerous Hasidic Jews Attacked On Friday Night in Boro Park


Multiple victims were assaulted in what the Boro Park community is calling a string of hate crimes.

Sources tell YWN that the disturbing incidents started at around 12:20AM (Friday night / Shabbos morning) on New Utrecht Avenue and 53rd Street. As can be seen in the first video below, a vehicle stops, a few men jump out and begin chasing two Hasidic boys down the street. The victims managed to get away.

A few minutes later, the same pack of thugs drove down 48 Street near the Bobover Bais Medrash, and drove past a Hasidic man walking. They punched the man from the car and drove away.

And just moments later, a third attack was carried out – this one on 14th Avenue and 51st Street. In the third incident, a Hasidic victim was punched as well.

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