Boro Park Hatzolah Volunteer Vehicle Stolen, Suspect Crashes Car


A Hatzolah vehicle belonging to a Hatzolah volunteer in Boro Park had his car stolen, before it crashed a few blocks later, Tuesday night.

Sources tell YWN that the vehicle was parked on 50th Street and 13th Avenue where the Hatzolah member had gone inside a home (not on a call). He returned a few minutes later and found his vehicle missing. He immediately called Boro Park Shomrim, and together the vehicle was tracked to 64th Street and 13th Avenue.

The NYPD noticed the vehicle driving erratically, and then slam into a vehicle.

The suspect jumped out of the vehicle, and took off on foot.

The incident prompted a large NYPD and Shomrim response, but unfortunately, the suspect has yet to be located.

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