Hatzalah Agencies From Across The East Coast Meet in Brooklyn

Hatzalah agencies and divisions from across the east coast came together in Brooklyn Wednesday afternoon, to learn from each other. The event, hosted at Senior Care EMS’s Brooklyn Base, allowed for the agencies to see the different ambulances and equipment used across the agencies.

by CrownHeights.info

Hatzalah saves lives, and every life saved is as if an entire world is saved, but even such important work still requires expensive ambulances and equipment.

Hatzalah agencies and divisions from across the east coast had a chance to learn from each other this Wednesday afternoon, at an event hosted in Brooklyn.

Lined up along either side of an industrial block in the East New York section of Brooklyn, the ambulances and Hatzalah personnel were a sight to behold.

Different ambulance types, stretchers and expensive lifesaving equipment were on display, bringing diverse needs and rapidly changing technology to the forefront.

The event was hosted by Senior Care EMS, a private ambulance company in New York City, whose CEO Michael Vatch is a Queens Hatzalah Paramedic and coordinator.

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