SHOMRIM ALERT: Do Not Fall Prey To Phone Scams

A recent spat of phone scams have hit the Jewish community, with a large number targeting Brooklyn. Shomrim organizations from across NYC have came together to warn people against these scams.


The past few weeks have seen an unhappily large uptick in the number of phone scams targeting the Orthodox Jewish community.

The scams have become so troublesome that Shomrim organizations from across the city came together to alert potential victims.

These phone scammers tell many stories, but all have one common thread, they make you send money overseas via Western Union or other money-transferring services.

In a recent scam, a man received death threats, in which the scammer was able to name the victims family, as well as address, likely gleaned from the victims social media accounts.

Another victim was saved just moments before wiring nearly $3000, after the victims wife called Shomrim alerting them the what was happening. Shomrim volunteers from multiple organizations working together, were able to find the victim in Midtown Manhattan, and intervene before the money was sent.

Other scams involve the impersonating of IRS personnel, State Police, or even inventing a kidnapping. The scammers have even been known to be using Caller ID spoofing, making a persons caller ID show that the call is coming from a specific person, family member, or even the police.

Scam Alert From Flatbush Shomrim

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