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Please Say Tehillim for………

Please say tehillim for Reuven Tzvi ben Esther Baila, a counselor (Rebbi) at a camp in Norfolk Virginia, who was swept out to sea, and has not been found.

It is reported that he had entered the water to help a distressed camper, and although the camper was able to get out of the water, he has yet to be found.

Coast guard, as well as local Search and Rescue Teams are on location for the search.

Update: A variety of emergency personnel from the New York area are mobilizing to head to the area to assist in the search and recovery. A large trained team from “Hatzolah Air” are scheduled to depart NY on Wednesday morning and will assist the search by air, land and sea. A team from Rockland Chaveirim are mobilizing as well, including special sonar equipment used to search underwater.

Update: The Coast-Guard in Virginia Beach just told said that “The search is still ongoing… we can’t release more information.”‬

Update: Coast Guard confirms they have suspended the search for the missing Rebbe in the False Cape area of Virginia Beach.

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