Kever Yechezkel, a Jewish Landmark Still Standing in Iraq

A Muslim man visiting Iraq on a personal trip sent photos of Kever Yecheskel Hanovi to his Jewish acquaintances in New York City. The photos show the building and actual Kever which was renovated by the Iraqi government.


A Muslim man with Jewish acquaintances in New York City took a few minutes from his personal trip to Iraq to visit the Kever Yecheskel Hanovi in the small town of Kifl, south of Baghdad.

The outside the kever – who went with the Yidden into Golus Bavel in the sixth century BC – is a 14th-century brick minaret, while the inside looks similar toa a shul, with an old wooden aron kodesh that used to contain Sifrei Torah and the remains of a mechitza.

Iraqs’ large Jewish population of than 120,000 Iraqi Jews, fled Iraq and moved to Israel in the 1950s. The clandestine Israeli operations that allowed for the exodus, were dubbed Operation Ezra and Nechemiah.

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