Shocking Footage of UPS Driver Disregarding Ambulance in Boro Park

A shocking incident was caught on camera when a witness filmed a UPS driver refusing to move for an ambulance in Boro Park. The ambulance at the time was heading to Maimonidies Hospital with a critical pt on board.


The shocking incident occurred on 47th St in Boro Park just blocks from Maimonidies Hospital. A witness pulled out his phone and began filming as he watched a UPS driver, who was blocking the street, refuse to move his truck for the Ambulance.

The ambulance can be seen on the video, with its lights on and horn blaring, for a half minute before the UPS driver, who was in his truck the whole time, begins to move. Sources from the ambulance service, East Midwood Volunteer Ambulance say that the actual time the ambulance was stuck for was 4 minutes. The video only starting towards the end of the incident.

The witness followed the UPS truck and confronted the driver. The UPS drivers response was to threaten him with a lawsuit should the video be publicized.

The witness filed a complaint with UPS Customer Support, who responded VIA twitter, “Wow, I apologize for this error. Please provide the date, time, with exact address of this incident. Also include the city, state, and zip code. We will also need your complete contact information. We will report this driver to UPS’s higher management team. Thanks.”


  • Bus Driver

    obviously i wasn’t there, but looking at the video as a bus driver who drove many years in Brooklyn it looks like there was room for the ambulance to pass. This woudn’t have happended if it was hatztolah (i guess thats why we have hatztolah) i have seen many times ambulances being just as stubborn as the ups truck. You can’t judge an incident by a video.

  • Mme

    The video showed all of a 30 second delay. I don’t know if you can judge the driver. He may have been in the back of the truck getting a package. I see the truck moving forward without a confrontation. Not sure why this fellow even taped it.



  • kop dr.

    to post 1 & 2
    if it was your mother or child in that ambulance
    you would be talking differently

    • Larry

      Not taking sides You’re answering know when you’re thinking with your heart but if you’re going to judge someone or someone who may even lose their job over this you have to think with brains to really what happened.

    • @Larry

      Why not take sides? Based on the evidence and subsequent confrontation in both videos one side is clearly wrong.

      “We must take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.” — Elie Wiesel

  • the driver should have moved

    that is why an ambulance has a siren
    to clear the way
    if the driver was in fact in the back of the truck he should have told the man with the camera that he did not realize that he was in fact blocking and as soon as he did realize he moved his truck..
    but he did not say that instead he threatened the man with a lawsuit. Why the need for a lawsuit if he did everything right?

    anyplace other than NYC traffic clears for all emergency vehicles and traffic stops on both sides until the vehicle is cleared.

  • Anonymous

    Australia has just introduced strict rules with high fines for not slowing down when passing any emergency car or blocking one.

  • DG

    He wasn’t in the back getting a package. You can see him at the door of the truck. I’m sorry. when they’re coming, you get the hell out of the way!

    • Mike

      What I see was you don’t see nobody in front.he was probably in back of the truck his mind was in his work he came to realizing the sirens could be in the back of his truck he came looked out his door fixed his mirror and maybe could have moved his truck a little faster

  • Frank

    Instead of just standing taking a video how about running up to the truck to bring it to his attention


    The UPS driveris an idiot. Move out of way for all emergency vehicles. Clear as day.