10 Great New Features From Chabad.org

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We’re constantly trying to plumb the depths of technological innovation at Chabad.org. That’s why this year we were excited to release a bevy of new features, apps and other ways to use technology to further teach and share Judaism. Here are 10 new features from Chabad.org.

  1. Give Your Day a Spiritual Boost with our Jewish Quotes app.
  2. #BlessUp with our Smart Siddur App.
  3. Enhance your Shabbat and weekday meals with our elegant new kosher cooking site.
  4. Study Torah classes on the road with Chabad.org Radio.
  5. …and then enjoy classic Jewish and Chassidic tunes with the music on Chabad.org Radio.
  6. Use the Chabad Nearby app to find any of the 3,500 Chabad centers near you.                                                 
  7. Make the time you spend out more meaningful with our new audio recordings of the psalms in Hebrew and English.           
  8. What’s in a name? Find out the meaning of your Hebrew name with our Jewish boys and girls name lists.
  9. Bring a little extra light in the world with the help of the Shabbat Candle-lighting app.
  10. And finally, thanks to our apps for Google Assistant and Amazon Echo, you can listen to a Torah class, find out important Jewish dates and even give tzedakah – all with the power of your voice!     


  • 1. Hayom Yom wrote:

    I hope someone from Chabad.org sees this. For some reason the app does’t have the Hebrew Hayom Yom anymore. I have to go to the website and search for “Hebrew Hayom Yom” in order to access it.
    I hope they fix it!

  • 2. Blessed in Brooklyn wrote:

    Wow super awesome stuff! The hey google, ask chabad thing is very exciting! Things like Siri and google home etc were all pretty unhelpful when it came to words with Hebrew pronounciation. Going to try out google assistant /ask chabad right now!


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