New York’s Highest Court Rejects Attempts to Force NYC to End Chickens as Kaporos

In a win for those who use chickens for Kaporos, today,  New York’s highest court rejected animal rights activists’ attempt to force NYC to end the use of chickens as kaporos.


A lawsuit was previously filed by animal rights activists attempting to force the NYPD to stop the use of chickens for the kaporos ceremony traditionally done before Yom Kippur.

The lawsuit argued that the NYPD and New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene was negligent in enforcing laws relating to public health and animal cruelty in regards to the use of chickens for the kaporos ceremony.

Today, New York’s highest court rejected the activists arguments stating that the laws in question can not be applied in this case, as the rules in question are governed by an officers judgment and discretion.

Kaporos, traditionally done using chickens, has caused a lot of controversy as to the conditions surrounding the ceremony and the treatment of the chickens.


  • 2. Crown heights guest wrote:

    Barouch Hashem

    I was in crown heights for Tishrie a number of years ago there was a very organized and clean Kaporos on Empire blvd. All the chickens were kashered and you were able to see the chickens being kashered. From the shechita the chickens were cleaned and kashered. I asked who eats all these chickens? I was told The chickens are given to families in crown heights. I went this year and I couldn’t find the Kaporos. Now that Kaporos is legal does anyone know who to speak to arrange such a wonderful Kaporos.

  • 3. Mom wrote:

    Glad we won but I stopped with the chickens a couple of years ago. Can’t take the smell and sounds. I use money. Seems to be working.

  • 4. Chaim wrote:

    I also went to empire kapporos. A real kiddush hashem. We need more of these smaller kapporos centers. Better service, and the people and chickens are treated better.

  • 5. Ahavasyisroel wrote:

    When kapporos is done the right way, everyone will want to do it, especially since kisui hadam is a mitzva d’oraisa


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