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“Trump of Brazil” Wins Brazil Presidential Election

Far-right candidate Jair Bolsonaro won a sweeping victory in Brazil’s presidential election on Sunday, the BBC reported.

With more than 90% of the vote counted, Bolsonaro – who has been dubbed “the Brazilian Donald Trump – had won 56% of the votes against 44% for his rival, Fernando Haddad from the left-wing Workers Party.

Bolsonaro, a staunch social conservative who ran on a law-and-order platform amid a massive spike in violent crime, won the first round of the presidential election on October 7 with 46% of the vote to Haddad’s 29%.

In the legislative elections, Bolsonaro’s SLP won 52 seats in the lower chamber of the Brazilian congress, a 44-seat increase, while the Workers’ Party fell from 69 seats to 56.

A former captain in the Brazilian army, Bolsonaro drew international attention after he compared himself to US President Donald Trump and declared himself “an admirer” of the American president.

Like Trump, Bolsonaro has vowed to relocate his nation’s embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Bolsonaro also called for the closure of the Palestinian Authority embassy in the Brazilian capital, Brasilia.

“Is Palestine a country? Palestine is not a country, so there should be no embassy here,” he said, adding, “You don’t not negotiate with terrorists.”

A month before the first round of the election, Bolsonaro was stabbed during a campaign rally in the city of Juiz de Fora in the south-eastern state of Minas Gerais.


  • 1. Ezra wrote:

    Obvious question: based on what’s described in the article, what makes him “far-right”? Sounds like a person with plain good common sense.

    • 3. Milhouse wrote:

      Plain good common sense is now on the far right, especially in such a thoroughly leftist jungle as Brazil.

    • 4. Why far right? wrote:

      He has plainly voiced his admiration for rightest authoritarian dictators like Pinochet. He has plainly said he does not respect the courts and will attack them if they do not do what he wants.

    • 5. Milhouse wrote:

      Pinochet saved Chile from communist rule, and did what he had to in order to protect it from continued communist attempts to seize power. He took power at the request of the legislature and the judiciary, and held it with the consent of the people at two referendums. Once the USSR fell people felt safe without him, so at the third referendum they told him to leave and he left. The people later betrayed him, paying him evil for good; shame on them.

      In any event, there’s no dispute that Pinochet was good for the Jews, and no Jew who wasn’t a communist had any reason to flee from him.

      As for Brazil’s courts, do they deserve respect? Why do you think they do?

  • 6. unreal eh? wrote:

    Brazil had the largest murder crime on earth! 64,500 in one year… unreal eh?

  • 7. Crying wrote:

    My best friend is from Brazil and this is a disaster. He called me and said he’s immediately moving to Israel and started the immigration process the day after this creep got elected.

    • 8. Milhouse wrote:

      What is he talking about? It’s nice that he wants to go home to Eretz Yisroel, but he now has less reason to fear remaining in Brazil than he did before.

    • 9. Anonymous wrote:

      Your best friend needs a safe space that can be found in most universities.

    • 10. Ahavasyisroel wrote:

      Ok so you’ll go to Israel and meet Bolsonaro there because he supports Israel and wants to visit…


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