8-Year-Old Jewish Boy Beaten in London

by CrownHeights.info Staff

Shomrim of London has reported that an 8-year-old Jewish boy was attacked and severely beaten in an unprovoked attack while walking home from school today.

The incident occurred today, Tuesday, on Dunsmure Road in Stamford Hill, London.

“The child ran home and up all the stairs before collapsing. He was crying and couldn’t talk for the next 4.5 hours. He was treated by @Hatzola,” Shomrim wrote on Twitter.

The young boy was taken to hospital due to swelling and marks near his chest, neck, shoulder and face

The boy described how a white man wearing gloves attacked him from behind, pushed him to the wall and beat him severely. He escaped after two people came to his rescue and chased away the suspect.

“This is a shocking incident!!! We’re doing all we can to support this young boy and his family, and to assist with the investigation,” Shomrim said.


  • 3. Yudi wrote:

    My grandfather got beaten up as a child growing up in Brownsville, and you know what, you learn to fight back. That’s life. The Irish beat up the Italians, the Italians beat up the blacks, and the Jews had murder Inc. now we have the ADL, what good has that done other than make us permanent victims?

  • 4. David wrote:

    I was head butted in the mouth
    By a bloc in Eilat in 1992.
    The mishtarah arrested him
    Weeks later. He was put in the Eilat jail.


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