Senate Confirms Trump-Picked Ambassador to Israel

The Republican-led Senate has confirmed President Donald Trump’s pick to be U.S. ambassador to Israel, David Friedman.

The senate voted today mostly along party lines, 52-46, to approve Friedman’s nomination.

The son of an Orthodox rabbi, Friedman has been a fervent supporter of Israeli settlements, an opponent of Palestinian statehood and staunch defender of Israel’s government.


  • 2. The kangeroo wrote:

    The best thing about this appointment is that He was confirmed despite of the Jay Street goys vehement objection.

  • 3. Andrea Schonberger wrote:

    Well, I guess Trump could have chosen Sheldon Adelson. We must be thankful for some things.

  • 4. To Andrea wrote:

    What’s your beef with David Friedman? He loves Israel, believes that God gave Israel to the Jews, and believes that the Israeli heartland, Judea and Samaria, is Jewish. What more could you ask for?

    • 5. Meir wrote:

      Simple. For the Andreas of the world, the 1st through 248th positive mitzvos are “support Democrats and liberals,” and the 1st through 365th are “attack Republicans and conservatives.” Hashem? The Jewish people? Eretz Yisrael? Those are of no consequence except insofar as they can be used to support the above “mitzvos.”

  • 7. Andrea Schonberger wrote:

    Dear Detractors, First, I’m a Socialist and not a Democrat. Second, I question Friedman’s qualifications for any ambassadorship–he’s been elected to no office, held a government position, or come up through the diplomatic corps. Friedman is
    a bankruptcy lawyer who represented Trump and his organization in bankruptcies concerning his Atlantic City casinos and getting this important ambassadorship gives the impression that the President is handing out swag bags to a Praetorian Guard of some sort. Is loving Israel the only qualification for this job? Well sign me up baby!

    • 8. Meir wrote:

      A socialist, hm. In other words, the likes of you were consigning our parents and grandparents to prisons and gulags (when not just shooting them in the back of the head), and closing down their shuls and mikvaos and Jewish schools.

      What are you doing on a website mainly meant for the Chabad community anyway, then? Go peddle your nonsense somewhere else, like any of the many liberal so-called “Jewish” ones.

    • 9. Milhouse wrote:

      Since when are those the qualifications for ambassadorship? An ambassador’s job is to represent the president’s policies, so the most important qualification is having the president’s confidence. Coming up through the State Dept is a big minus, since such a person is likely to push Foggy Bottom’s own agenda, not the president’s.

  • 10. Milhouse wrote:

    I was disappointed to hear him in his testimony under oath renounce all the totally correct things he had said and written over the years, and claim to now support the “two state solution” that he always opposed. No job is worth lying like that for. He should have stood by his earlier position, while emphasising that as an ambassador he would of course be representing the president’s views, not his own.

  • 11. Moishe pipek wrote:

    All Jewish socialist are not friends of the Jews or Israel they are mostly self hating Jews> In order to to be able to live with themselves they have the illusion that they are morally superior to people who do not agree with them It is the kind of twisted ideology that runs the Jihadists.


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