Fragment Proves Torah Hasn’t Changed for 2,000 Years

From the Associated Press:

The charred lump of a 2,000-year-old scroll sat in an Israeli archaeologist’s storeroom for decades, too brittle to open. Now, new imaging technology has revealed what was written inside: the earliest evidence of a biblical text in its standardized form.

The passages from the Book of Leviticus, scholars say, offer the first physical evidence of what has long been believed: that the version of the Hebrew Bible used today goes back 2,000 years.

The discovery, announced in a Science Advances journal article by researchers in Kentucky and Jerusalem on Wednesday, was made using “virtual unwrapping,” a 3D digital analysis of an X-ray scan. Researchers say it is the first time they have been able to read the text of an ancient scroll without having to physically open it.

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  • 1. Nice but unessecary wrote:

    Nice but it’s not these ‘proofs’ that are the source of our faith and knowledge as is clear from the story in gemoro See Shabbat 63b and Me’ilah


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