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Rep. Clarke Says Iran Deal Vote Was ‘Easy’

Congresswoman Yvette Clarke, whose district includes the Jewish community of Crown Heights, told the JTA that her decision to vote in favor of the Iran deal was an easy choice.

From the JTA:

Rep. Yvette Clarke, representing New York’s Ninth District, described a typical challenge, balancing the competing interests among constituents.

Among Jewish constituents, particularly.

There’s Crown Heights, with its large population of Chabad-Lubavitch Hasidic Jews, she said at a panel on Tuesday convened by J Street near this week’s Democratic National Convention. There’s Sheepshead Bay, with what she called “Middle Eastern Jews of non-European descent.” And there’s Park Slope, where she says the Reform Jewish population is growing.

“It presents a challenge,” she said. “I call it being in the midst of a family feud.”

The J Street-endorsed Democrat said she walks a fine line on Israel. “I can take a step in either direction, and get email blasts immediately,” she said.

One vote was easy, she said: Favoring the Iran nuclear rollback-for-sanctions- relief deal, in part because pressures to reject the deal were so alienating.

She said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech in March 2015 to Congress was unseemly.

“We are Americans and our allegiance is to the commander-in-chief of our nation, and were asked to choose for the leader of another nation,” she said.

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  • 1. Mike wrote:

    Even far-left Chuck was against the deal. Why do we have a Jewish liason in her office?

  • 3. Milhouse wrote:

    She’s a member of the communist-aligned “Congressional Progressive Caucus”, and hates Israel because it’s pro-American. We keep learning about more and more secret side-deals that the president was legally obliged to disclose to the Congress, but he blew off the law and she helped him. She is unfit for the office she holds, and disgraces it

  • 4. Shimon Shak wrote:

    This is so infuriating! She basically does not care about her Jewish constituency at all!! If Obama wanted to sign a deal that would enable England to recolonize the Carribean Islands which will affect the family’s of her carribean constituency she would come out guns blazing but who cares about the lives of 6 million Jews in the middle east especially if Obama supports it!!

  • 5. DeClasse' Intellectual wrote:

    How long will it take our Jewish breatherin to realize thaqt these Democrats do not care about their Jewish voters because they know that they would vote for a Stalin if he had a Democratic party tag on his name.

    It is time to en mass vote these people(including self-hating Jews like Wasserman-Shults, Sanders and others out.) let us not forget the great self hating Jew Soros who completely wants to destroy our country and Jewish identity

  • 6. Piece of String wrote:

    Time to boot her out of office. There are many qualified individuals who would CRUSH her in a primary run-off, and then win on the Democratic ticket. I think its high time we organize, and put the pressure on BIG TIME!

  • 8. Vote this garbage out. wrote:

    All my friends are talking about how we will NEVER vote for her again. We will make it a point to vote for whoever is running against her. She has made herself an enemy of Israel and we will vote her out of office.

  • 9. DeClasse' Intellectual wrote:

    All talk–no action
    Deluge her office with calls on everything she does and challenge her as to why!!!

  • 10. DeClasse' Intellectual wrote:

    All talk no action by the Crown Heights community again?

    Deluge her office with phone calls and challenge everything she does and demand to know why. The more calls the better==so she knows that she is being watched and cannot does business as before. Demand to know what she has accomplished besides just voting party lines. She is a slick talking person who will follow the Clinton example of all non-truths in order to promote me

  • 11. Larry wrote:

    This dame is part of the old “establishment”;
    She is part of the whole Democrat mess. In other words, she’s not in office for the people’s good. Here she writes off most of Crown Heights voters, because most if not all voted for Trump!


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