Anti-Semitic Incidents in London Soar in 2015

London experienced a massive surge in anti-Semitism in 2015, with anti-Semitic incidents up more than 60 percent over the previous year.

From The Jerusalem Post:

According to figures recently released by the London Metropolitan Police, 483 anti-Semitic crimes were recorded during the 12-month period ending on November 15, while only 299 such incidents were recorded during the corresponding period in 2014, marking an increase of 61.5 percent.

The police defined anti-Semitic crimes as “any offense which is perceived to be anti-Semitic by the victim or any other person, that is intended to impact upon those known or perceived to be Jewish.”

In September the European Union’s Fundamental Rights Agency issued a report stating that it EU member nations lack systematic methods of collecting data on anti-Semitism, contributing to “gross underreporting of the nature and characteristics of anti-Semitic incidents that occur. Incidents that are not reported are also not investigated and prosecuted, allowing offenders to think that they can carry out such attacks with relative impunity,” the organization stated.

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