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Avraham Fried Releases New Single: Riboin

Avraham Fried today released his latest new single, titled ‘Riboin,’ which is available for listening and download free of charge.

Earlier this year, a studio version of the song was leaked to social media without the singer’s permission, prompting him to release a statement that the leaker of the song should ask his forgiveness.

Click here to download the song.


  • 2. Nice wrote:

    Love the song but why cannot the pronountiation of the words be the regular Chabad way?

  • 4. yanki wrote:

    To number 2 –

    Seems like this was composed and produced by someoene in honor of a simcha in their family, and apparently that’s the pronounciation they use. I would say kudos to avremel for doing it at their taste.

  • 5. What a beautiful song. wrote:

    The words are so powering and inspiring. The melody is so nice and singable. And the voice? Oh the voice!

  • 6. English teacher wrote:

    Folks, the word is “pronunciation,” not pronounciation, and the “u” is pronounced like the “u” in uncle, not like “ow.”

  • 7. DeClasse' Intellectual wrote:

    #2 Get real!!!!!!Chabad is only a small part of the Jewish world!!!!!

  • 10. oki toki boy 73-76 wrote:

    did any one pic up his pronunciation ??
    from back home in kranitz kalicia ..
    its nice and very befitting , he was the most
    adial bacuer in my class on troy ave..
    may hashem give you a long healthy life
    avremel , yr a gr8 friend


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