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B&H Workers Seek to Unionize Citing Unfair Treatment

Citing a lengthy track record of negligence and unfair treatment of employees, reps for the United Steelworkers union filed a petition with the National Labor Relations Board on Tuesday requesting that a vote be taken among B&H Photo Video workers to determine if they want the Steelworkers to represent them in their move to unionize.

The New York Times reports that the petition is the latest step in a series of moves by B&H worker reps who claim that the Brooklyn institution’s largely Hispanic workforce has been exploited and discriminated against for quite some time.

On Sunday, 300 people assembled outside B&H’s Ninth Avenue and 34th Street store as Steelworker reps dropped off a letter addressed to B&H owner Herman Schreiber and CEO and president Sam Goldstein requesting that the Steelworkers be allowed to act as the “sole and exclusive bargaining representative of the employees.”


  • 2. Yiddish - Lover wrote:

    @ #1–Spoken like someone who has never had a concern about his/her wages, hours or working conditions. Nor someone who has had a discriminatory, unreasonable butt head supervisor.

  • 3. Steelworkers wrote:

    What do they have to do with B&H? Except wanting to cash in on the union fees?
    Instead of being happy that largely Hispanic workforce is employed by a frum company, that they have jobs are are not on welfare or living in a shelter, they want to turn the tables and destroy everything.


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