Elderly Dutch Jewish Couple Brutally Attacked, Robbed

An elderly Dutch Jewish couple said they were subjected to anti-Semitic abuse by robbers who broke into their Amsterdam home.

Two men in their 40s or 50s, who the couple said had a Middle Eastern appearance but spoke fluent Dutch, presented themselves as police officers on Aug. 4 to Samuel and Diana Blog, Holocaust survivors ages 87 and 86 respectively, so the couple would buzz them into their apartment building and home, the NieuwIsraelitisch Weekblad, or NIW, reported. The attack was first reported in the Dutch media on September 3.

The men broke Samuel Blog’s hip. They made his wife, whose father was a diamond dealer and had a large collection of jewels, drink a barbiturate at gunpoint.

When Diana, who grew up in Paris and survived the Auschwitz death camp, had trouble removing one of her rings from her fingers – she told NIW she was too stressed to get it off immediately – one of the men threatened to cut off her finger and called her and her husband “dirty Jews,” she said.

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  • 1. Elki wrote:

    Jews of Europe, please get out. Throughout history, we have learned the hard way, that when our enemies threaten to kill us, they mean it.

    Horrendous situation, but realistic. We all daven for you, but please don’t remain complacent.


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