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Spanish Festival Apologizes, Re-Invites Matisyahu

Following a barrage of criticism, organizers of an international reggae festival in Spain backtracked Wednesday and apologized for cancelling a concert by Jewish-American singer Matisyahu because he had declined to state his position regarding a Palestinian state.

Rototom Sunsplash festival said in a statement that it publicly apologized for canceling the concert and invites Matisyahu to play as originally planned on Saturday.

It said it recognized its mistake, adding that it had been the fruit of pressure by a local branch of the pro-Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement, which campaigned against Matisyahu’s participation.

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  • 5. New Matisyahu song wrote:

    Google Darko Learning Academy of Los Angeles to hear an awsome Matisyahu song that he composed to support Jewish education.

  • 7. Ch res wrote:

    Number 2 you got to be kidding .. I hope you are joking .. It was a blessing in disguise that he should not play on shabos

  • 8. me wrote:

    I am hoping that it was on motzei shabbos that he was meant to perform.. if not then this should not have been publicized. If a person is chilul shabbos and is very well aware that he is doing so then advertising this is simply good old fashioned loshan hara.
    please don’t dress up a transgression in Kedusha.

    best to let it pass and not comment either way.

  • 9. Haters gonna hate. wrote:

    He doesn’t do concerts on Shabbos. He has in his contract that he will not appear on Shabbos. He stays by a frum person in the city where he is performing and only goes to the venue after Shabbos. People love to make up stories!

  • 10. Can we stop with this guy? wrote:

    Enough. Do we post about every secular Israeli singer, Bob Dylan, Barbara Steisand etc….!!!!

    Thisbguybhas been playing gouishe music from day one and we celebrate him?!!!


  • 11. The goy needs to remind wrote:

    Unfortunately the BDS movment is Antismetic. However the possitive spin on this story is that the goy reminded the yid that he is yid. (BTW, it is also a Blessing in disguise not perform on Shabbos.) The more one tries to be like the goyim the more they will remind you that you are a Yid.

  • 12. NECHAMA COHEN. wrote:

    Regarding the singer matisyahu i wish to say the following.
    At first Spain accused Israel of being and APARTHEID STATE and a religion cleanser. What about the Spanish Inquisition where all the Jews were expelled overnight and those who did not menage to escape were either forced to convert or burned alive by the so called FUOGO DA FE. Spain even as from today allows the CORRIDA to take place where a man fights with a bull in order to entertain the public.

  • 14. he should not go wrote:

    Let those stupid organizers learn not to be pressured by antisemitic idiots. Any time someone is pressured Jews always have to take the fall enough already.

  • 16. ymg wrote:

    Matisyahu, I want to hear that old style that we fell in love with. Bring it back. HaShem echod!


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