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Auschwitz Guard Sentenced to 4 Years Prison

A 94-year-old former SS sergeant who served at the Auschwitz death camp was convicted Wednesday on 300,000 counts of accessory to murder and sentenced to four years in prison.

Oskar Groening testified during his trial at the state court in Lueneburg, in northern Germany, that he guarded prisoners’ baggage after they arrived at Auschwitz and collected money stolen from them. Prosecutors said that amounted to helping the death camp function.

Presiding Judge Franz Kompisch said Groening had decided to be part of the Nazis’ machinery of death.

Groening sat expressionless as the verdict was read and listened attentively for more than an hour and a half as the judge detailed the ruling, occasionally sipping from a bottle of water. He then walked out of the courtroom without talking to reporters.

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  • 1. Thats it? wrote:

    That means he will be sitting in jail for his crime against humanity a total of 35,000 hours.

    That means that each hour is for 0.01 Jews (out of six million) who perished!

    A nice vacation!

    • 3. Milhouse wrote:

      Why should he pay for all six million? What did he do to them? Nothing at all. Not a single Jew suffered for even a minute because of his job.

  • 4. ben stiller wrote:

    he was not a guard….. he was an actuary ….none the less, it was war and it sucked….. always remember viet nam; where, the united states invaded and fire bombed not only civilian patriots, in addition to women and children…… the key word in life is COEXISTENCE……….. peace

    • 5. Motty wrote:

      I wonder if it was your parents or kids or you
      if you wold say the same thing

    • 6. Milhouse wrote:

      Liar. The USA did not invade Vietnam, it defended South Vietnam from a communist invasion. And when it shamefully stopped, the communists successfully invaded, and enslaved millions of people.

      And no, the USA did not firebomb innocent civilians. In war sometimes people are killed by friendly fire.

  • 7. Andrea Schonberger wrote:

    I’m currently watching on television a documentary series on Auschwitz and Oskar Groening is one of the interviewees. OK so he didn’t operate the gas chambers but he knew exactly what was happening which makes him an accomplice to murder. There’s no death penalty in Germany so the best one could hope for is a life sentence and at 94 years of age 4 years probably is a life sentence. Is this justice? No but to be fair Groening is small potatoes compared to the many who actually murdered and got away with it.

    • 8. Milhouse wrote:

      Knowing about a crime does not make someone an accomplice. Nothing he did caused anybody even a moment’s suffering.

  • 9. #4 You hit the nail on the head wrote:

    Well said !!! Andrea Schonberger

    there is no justice for the 6,000,000 but germany is doing what it can

  • 10. number 6 wrote:

    Germans R full of it they still dont care its just a show how many things where taken from jews and now if jews what to get there stuff back they give them a hard time .and they still HATE jew .

  • 11. hopeful wrote:

    yup, yet again, jewish blood is cheap. what a slap in the face. 4 years?

  • 13. Milhouse wrote:

    I don’t get it. This guy was an accountant, doing a job. How was what happened at the camp his fault? Who will be blamed next, the plumber who fixed the guards’ toilets? Elsa Koch’s hairdresser? The farmers who sold potatoes to the camp, and the truck drivers who delivered them? What about the engineers on the trains that transported Jews, or the people who worked at the coal depots that refueled the trains? The bottom line is that he didn’t kill anyone, he didn’t hurt anyone, and he should not be punished for what his employers did.

    • 15. Milhouse wrote:

      I’m not justifying this unjust sentence; I’m condemning it! This fellow did not hurt anyone, and doesn’t deserve to be punished just to satisfy the mob.


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