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World Jewish Population Nears Pre-Holocaust Level

The world’s Jewish population has grown to be nearly as large as it was before the Holocaust, an Israeli think tank said in its annual report Sunday.

From the Washington Post:

The Jewish People Policy Institute said there are currently 14.2 million Jews in the world. When factoring in individuals with one Jewish parent and others who identify as partially Jewish, the figure approaches 16.5 million — the Jewish population on the eve of World War II. The Nazis and their collaborators killed about 6 million Jews in the Holocaust.

The report said the rise has been due in part to natural growth, mainly in Israel, which has about 6.1 million Jews and one of the Western world’s highest fertility rates.

But it also linked the growth to “changing patterns of Jewish identification.” It said that 59 percent of adult children in the U.S. who have just one Jewish parent now identify as Jewish, a majority “for the first time in memory.”

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  • 1. replacing the 6 (+?) million .... wrote:

    Misleading in many ways (@ least the headline in some way….)

    …By now we would have been at least 30/50 million according to experts… since “just” on the 1.5 million kids that would have equaled 700.000 (+/-) families having 4/6 + kids (AND keep in mind that a very large % of the 6 million were frum if not Chasidim…where birth rates would have been 10+ kids per family) and now it’s TWO or THREE generation after… so go do the math….

    how sad!!!!!!!

    Hope this “brainstorm” doesn’t make ppl slow down on (the already close to zero) population growth in the jewish world – as most families are just having “replacement rate” only.

    ( I dont want to go into the “fact” that in their figures – as well as most statisticians in the “jewish” arena – include 30/50 (+/-) % assimilated jews where the kids are not jewish Halachically ….)

    UmeSaymin BeTov….
    geula now!


  • 2. shimon wrote:

    The best way to get back at the nazis is to breed more jews. May hashem bless us with many healthy children

  • 3. Unfortunately wrote:

    Levels of anti-semitism are rising exponentially as well

  • 4. non-gender wrote:

    Sir Nicolas Winton has just passed recently; he was the man who almost singly handed saved over 650 Jewish children from the Nazi death machine on the eve of WWII and only the outbreak of the war stopped the rescue of more of these Czechoslaviakian Jewish children.


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