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21-Year-Old Jewish Man Among Dead in Train Derailment

Daylight on Wednesday revealed the devastation caused by an Amtrak train derailment in Philadelphia that left at least six people dead and dozens injured, several critically, in a terrifying wreck that plunged passengers into darkness and chaos.

From Yeshiva World News:

Sources tell YWN that one of the victims is a 21-year-old Jewish man from Far Rockaway. His name is Justin (Avraham Yitzchak) Zemser Z”L. Authorities are releasing the body to the family without any autopsy.

Additionally, friends of a woman named Rachel Jacobs were showing her photo at the 30th Street Station in Philadelphia. She is the CEO of ApprenNet, a Philadelphia technology firm. She texted her husband that she was on the train and has not been seen since.

Some passengers had to scramble through the windows of toppled cars to escape. One of the seven cars was severely mangled.

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  • 1. terrible wrote:

    It is a terrible accident, they just found out that one more person has been found dead, and 8 people are in critical condition, and they said that the train has been traveling 100mph when it derailed, i want to wish the people that are in the hospital a refuah selemah

  • 2. don't bother wrote:

    What was the conductor trying to do? Copy a Japanese maglev train?

    • 3. Wait to judge wrote:

      How do we know that it was not mechanical failure, which would not necessarily be the conductor’s fault? Maybe the brakes failed. Maybe something went wrong with the tracks. Maybe there was some kind of glitch in some other system of the train.
      It is, nevertheless, a huge tragedy.


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