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Yosi Piamenta Awakes, Thanks the Public for Tehillim

A complicated operation last week left Hasidic music star Yosi Piamenta in coma and calls for the public to say Tehillim in his merit were published worldwide. Today, baruch hashem, Yosi awoke and thanked everyone for all the Tehillim they said.

On Thursday Yosi Piamenta went into a hospital in Israel in order to undergo a complicated operation and calls for Tehillim were circulated for the success of the operation. Once completed Yosi remained in a coma.

Another round of Tehillim requests went out and on Friday night he awoke.

In a phone conversation with a reporter for Israeli website from his hospital bed he thanked the public for all the Tehillim and was extremely emotional when he was told how many people dedicated so much Tehillim in his merit.

“After awaking, I was told how many people from so many places said Tehillim and prayed for me” he said, “and I am grateful to everyone and bless you that G-d should return blessings to you for all your needs and fill your hearts desires for the good.

“I simply do not know how to thank people, who without my knowledge and without me being able to be there or appreciate their kindness, prayed for me.” Yosi continued “so I do appreciate it and bless everyone with all the blessings in the world.”

Yosi also noted “there is no doubt that all the prayers and Tehillim helped in my recovery, no question at all.”

The public is requested to continue reciting Tehillim for Yosef ben Gina for a complete and speedy recovery.


  • 3. MIKELANGELO wrote:

    What a great relief!! Hoidu L’Hashem Ki Toiv Ki L’Oilam Chasdoi!
    I was at the Ohel this morning, and he was the only non family member I mentioned in the PAN; simply as a recognition for the epic contribution Yossi, together with his brother Avi may they be gezunt, made to Lubavitch in more than one way.
    May Hashem grant him a complete refuoh and may Yossi, Avi and all of Klal Yisroel great musicians greet Moshiach with their insruments now.

  • 4. B"H!!! wrote:

    This man, who has brought so much simcha to so many over the years, deserves all the brachos in the world. Will continue my tehillim and hope for more good news.

  • 7. Baruch HaShem wrote:

    Many more long happy and healthy years reb yossi

    Moshiach now


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