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Neo-Nazis Plan Rally in Stamford Hill, London

A British neo-nazi group is planning a rally against the “Jewification of Great Britain” in one of London’s largest Jewish communities.

From the Jerusalem Post:

The group, Liberate Stamford Hill, veiled its planned March 22 protest as merely a protest against the Shomrim, a voluntary neighborhood watch program in the Stamford Hill neighborhood, which protects the community’s high concentration of Jews.

Though posts at the top of the group’s Facebook page removed outwardly anti-Semitic comments, most likely for the sake of evading the site’s censor controls, a look further down has posts that clearly state their anti-Semitic intent.

One post on Twitter shows a cartoon man with a big nose and yarmulke. The text reads “Jewification: Where Jewish culture occupies White countries, rendering them unrecognizable. #LiberateStamfordHill.”

Another picture shows a re-rendering of the poster from the movie Jaws, with an evil-looking religious Jewish man replacing the shark.

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  • 1. Shomrim Six wrote:

    Remember remember, don’t forget!!!

    It wasn’t the ‘neo-nazi’, who attempted to exterminate myself and five of my Shomrim friends and brothers, by attempting to have us locked up for 15 plus years in a violent prison, made for the worse of our society.

    No, this didn’t happen in SSR under the KGB….

    It was “fellow Jews”, mossrim freom Crown Heights, who organized and orchestrated the whole blood libel.

    So as a Shomrim member (and a Jew), my biggest threat to my existence, was so called Jews!

    This is just a unfortunate fact of life.

  • 2. Milhouse wrote:

    Nonsense. Fewer than twenty people will show up for this so-called “rally”, if it ever happens, but more likely the producer of the flyer has no intention to ever hold it in the first place. It’s probably a one-man operation, and he’s getting all the reaction he wants with just a flyer, so why go out on the street, risk his safety, and show that he has no supporters?


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