Bobover Rebbe Marries Off Son in Brooklyn

Thousands of Chassidim gathered in Red hook, Brooklyn this past Sunday to celebrate the wedding of the son of the Bobover Rebbe, which took place on pier 12. The simcha was attended by many Rebbes and Roshei Yeshiva from around the world, and the festivities lasted until the early hours of Monday morning.


  • 1. just wondering wrote:

    beautiful to watch, but why is this nogaiah the crown heights/lubavitch community?

  • 2. to all... wrote:

    wants a fur coat like that!!! damm, i shouldnt have gotten an education, i should have learned more and became a rebbe in bubuv and have my followers spring for all my luxurious needs! LOL

  • 5. WOW wrote:

    That is a very long Chosson gartel! Bet it cost more than my son’s @ $180 The whole wedding cost more than all my kids!

  • 6. Did Chanina miss out on a photo op? wrote:

    Which Rebbe? The one we talk to or the one we don’t? Oh wait, is that only Satmar?? I get so confused.

  • 7. We are all Chassidim Together wrote:


    Shalom Alechem,

    I am so saddened by the disresectful and sarcastic comments above. This was a simcha that was celebrated by many other Chassidic Courts and the entire Chassidic movement as a whole. Lubavich is a part of that Greater Chassidic community. I understand that some Lubavichers are not all familiar with the concept of having a living Rebbe and a court Regardless we need to learn how the rest of the Chassidic world (Minus Bobov) conducts itsself and be respectful. Such negative bevavior does not become the Greatness of the Lubavisher Court. We can be better than this B’H

  • 8. Andrea Schonberger wrote:

    This is so cool!!! but I’d be too nervous to get married at such a gigantic wedding.

  • 9. Ad Masai! wrote:

    The point of this article is to reinforce the point that every Chassidus needs a LIVE Rebbe to run it.

  • 10. AZ wrote:

    thousands of yidden getting together b’simcha!!

    If that’s not nogei’ah to you then learn some more chassidus!!!

    What a beautiful sight!!!

  • 11. wondering wrote:

    What happens on the ladies side while the rebbe is dancing with his kids and the band is marching?

  • 12. WOW!!!!!! wrote:

    Special thanks to whoever put this up, it is something for all of us to learn from, for those of you who don’t get it, I feel sorry for you!!! Chassidim are something special!
    To No 2: tfs! Such language is totally unnecessary especially on a public forum!

  • 13. ML wrote:

    Why negative comments! This is a beautiful, chassidishe, chasunah continuing a line of chassidus that was almost wiped out. Would the Rebbe’s n”a chasunah have been much different! Unfortunately we were not zoche to see the continuation of the dynasty of Lubavitch! And yes, every Yiddishe simcha is our simcha. Boruch HaShem a new home is being set up.

  • 14. Leibel K. wrote:

    It is a true kiddish Hashem, one which the goyim should look at and feel the awe and pachad of Yashem Yisbooreich… This was geshmaysee, ruchniysee, simchasee, everything you wanted in a simcha. Boreech Hashaim.

  • 16. EB from Rego wrote:

    The irony is ,that up until a few years ago, the kallahs family was living in a small home over the shtibel built by her elter zeide in Rego Park, Queens. The family moved to the five towns, opened a new shtibel…oila!

  • 17. umm wrote:

    if i were a bride i would not want to stand in the center of a room , surrounded by thousands of men. I’m not bashing them but i’m just curious…what if she wouldn’t want to?

  • 18. to#7 wrote:

    you say dont be negative but your underlying critique and cynicism of lubavitch is well understood, “I understand that some Lubavichers are not all familiar with the concept of having a living Rebbe and a court”.
    shame on you, you giant hypocrite!

  • 19. the aha moment wrote:


  • 20. why show bobov wrote:

    just out of curiousity

    they have many molesters that hey have done nothing about and threaten anyone going to the police

    why show them at all

  • 21. rachmanus wrote:

    i feel so bad for the kallah! standing all alone infront of thousands of men!

  • 22. to #19 wrote:

    so does every religious sect. and almost every community.

    your argument is invalid.

  • 23. Asher Elbaz wrote:

    Much Respect to the Bobover Rebbe Shlita! This is a great Chassana, I know we do things DIFFERENTLY but it doesn’t EVER mean Better!
    Show respect, and thats where we’ll get Moshiach, respect and love from the heart!
    Much Nachas to the Chosson and Kalloh! Binyan Adei Ad!!!!!

  • 24. chaim wrote:

    Thank you for sharing what a mitzvah tantz really looks like. A kallah who wishes she was not there holding on the end of a very long gartel. Not the new fad of family dancing together = true pritzus, completely assur new minhag.

  • 25. Mordechai HaYehudi wrote:

    Is is it possible 2 post All the Chasunas Brisim etc Of the Rebbes Rosh Yehivahs & Dayanim of Ger,Satmar,Belz,skver,toldos Aron, Karlin, Zvil, Tosh please make sure not 2 miss a simcha. this shows achdus among Klal Yisroel

  • 26. this website is wrote:

    i mean its deffinetly exciting but theres a reason why lubavitch .com and dont put up these things, not because were not happy but because its lubavitch news…. not sticking up for the negetive comments just explaining why its “interesting” to have it on a chabad website…

  • 27. one sec... wrote:

    Usually your suppsed to do what your rebbe does. So why is it that at regualr chasseedishe wedding chosson and kallah dance with each other at the mitzvah tanz. But the rebbsishe couple Don’t???????????????

  • 29. An Appalled non-Lubavitcher wrote:

    A blog reporting on this chasuna took me here.

    I am appalled at some of the comments.

    Your holy Rebbe zy”a greatly honored other manhigei-Yisroel and took an interest in the happenings of other chassidic courts. The Lubavitcher Rebbe was perhaps the biggest oihev-Yisroel of this dor. Some of the commenters above who try to be his chassidim could take a cue from the tzaddik.

    Looking at the pics and videos from this chasuna, I am in awe, a chassidic dynasty nearly all about destroyed in the milchama is THRIVING, while the Nazis yemach shemam v’zichrom are not here. As we approach Shabbos Zachor may Amalek be destroyed once and for all. May this Purim be a final v’na’ha’foich hu!

  • 30. Iits amazing wrote:

    I am amazed at the negativity of these comments-its amaxzing the double standard we have we’ll scream “why is this noigeia us etc etc.” and then when we’re not included in the hamodia or some other newspaper we’ll start screaming “ahavas yisroel” I am SICJK AND TIRED OF OUR HYPOCRISY-ITS SICK!!!!

  • 31. Mushky wrote:

    Personally I think that it is really intersting to get a glimps of different type of chassidim. There wedding looks amazing. Did you notice how many people are there?? Its unbelievable, the atmosphere in the room probably is the same as it would be in the Beis Hamikdosh. So many yidden together being joyous. We cannot be disrespectful because just like we may think that their customs are unusual,we dont look anyless unusual in the eyes of gentile.

  • 32. Mazel Tov wrote:

    May the new couple have a wonderful life together. Filled with happiness, gezunt, mazel, nachas from future children, health and everything else that is good.

  • 33. looks like a party wrote:

    Wow! the wedding looks wonderful. The kids band march is such a cute idea

  • 35. moti wrote:

    You negative people are nuts! Been to a CH chassunah recently? Seen the “family” mixed section in the entrance hall of OT? Seen the shaved faces and non-tznius clothes?

    Here are thousands of chassidishe yidden following the derech of their fathers. Maybe we can learn from them.

    As for #19 that is the most ridiculous comment ever. Bobov is no better or worse than any other group.

    Ashamed to be a lubavitcher

  • 37. Sad wrote:

    Amazing to watch yet saddening too. My generation would never get to experience such an electrifying atmosphere with our Rebbe :(

  • 39. Laaniyas Dayti wrote:

    For the record, R.Sholmo Halberstam, orphaned and devastated by the Holocaust, was asked (here in the US already) to take his father’s place. He did not feel inclined to do so, and there were serious reasons why not. The Rebbe was at the forefront of those who encouraged him to do so.

    In fact, it was Parshas Tetzaveh, when the Gerer Chassidim resolved the Great Post-War Mystery of chassidim (that the 3 largest dynasties had no children) and appointed the brother, R.Simcha Binim, as Rebbe. The Rebbe then devoted a whole sicha to the “relief” and simcha in the notion of a Kehilla continuing with a manhig.

    There were many instances where the Rebbe involved himself -often quite actively- for the continuation of a Dynasty, and often even though he was not consulted or asked.

    We are still left with The Mystery – each in his own way- whether it is ‘ad mosai’, hekitzu when?, why bother be chassidish?. Mysteries. Choose you style. One thing however, is universally agreed to: That there is no-one shayach to even be a Yehoshua, alive in Lubavitch today. Tens of thousands of mevinim who know for sure that there is no-one.

    Some of us (a minority in a minority) have the Mystery in this form: “From where comes such an arrogance to know ”No“, and from where comes such universal a self-centeredness that a chasid does not need or want someone to tell him ”stop“, or to say just a plain ”shut-Up”.

    To # 27: Today, Zayin Adar, the Nessiim of Lubavitch did not say tachanun. Chassidim did (do). The notion you present is nouveau chassidus.

  • 40. sc wrote:

    Its all good, and to each his own. But the ppor bride, standing and standing while the men dance… poor thing. not even a chair to sit on… poor thing… Where were the women? Why are they always not seen?
    Oh and were the poor invited and fed?
    So much money spent… for what… so dance… but use the mney for the poor Jews…
    Goyim me.

  • 41. Yes, wrote:

    If Lubavitcheh people are sarcastic or critical of this or any Bobover activity, I think they are insulting themselves and their Rebbe. Those who do this sound ignorant and quite small-minded. I assume that many more Lubavitcheh people are not so immature and mean-spirited. After all, we can never have everyone in the world Lubavitche, and if they’re not, view them as laughable or inferior. It just doesn’t make sense!


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