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Thousands Attend Historic Pidyon Peter Chamor

A historic ‘Pidyon Peter Chamor’ event took Sunday, at the Klausenberg Camp in the Catskills.

The event was attended by thousands, from a diverse range of backgrounds, currently vacationing in the Catskill Mountains. The rare event, was attended by dozens of Rabbonim and Rebbes, including the Kalusenberger Rebbe Shlit”a.

The Peter Chamor was born to one of the animals from the Klausenberg Farm, run by R’ Ari Protovin and is located in the center of the Klausenberg Camp.

The Cohen performing the Pidyon Peter Chamor, was Reb Baruch Yehuda Rubin of Boro Park.

by Rabbi Mendy Hecht –

Who is Peter Chamor?

A. Nobody. He doesn’t exist. It’s PEH-ter chah-MORE, Hebrew for “initiation of the donkey”—a Mitzvah, not a person.

B. Peter Chamor is to first-born donkeys what Pidyon Haben is to first-born Jews. If the owner disowns ‘em, they go to the Temple. If he wants ‘em, he gives the Temple a sheep or goat instead. Positive Mitzvah #81.

C. Before “holy cow!” there was “holy donkey!” This mitzvah distinguishes donkeys to pay tribute to their critical pack-animal role in the Egyptian Exodus.

How do I redeem my donkey?

1. Qualifying Criteria

Donkey must be the first born to Mr. and Mrs. Donkey. He must be male. He must be born naturally. He must belong to the Democratic Party. Just kidding. Owner must be an Israelite—Kohanim and Levites are exempt.

2. Hand it Over

Today, the kohen serves as donkey collector in the Temple’s stead. Give him a sheep or goat (as long as it’s not dead, slaughtered or Caesarian-born), and Donkey’s yours to keep.

3. Make a Statement

A special blessing is recited when the exchange animal is designated, even if it hasn’t yet been given to the kohen.


  • 2. wow wrote:

    Oh my God, thank you for posting this — this totally made my day. Funniest thing I’ve seen since The Hangover.

  • 3. Petter Politician wrote:

    I believe that the first born son of a Democratic (as in donkey party) politician also needs to be redeemed, with the sheep in this case representing those who voted for his father.

  • 6. Dave wrote:

    Wow, Petter Politician, and Shloma should be ashamed of yourselves. You shoudn’t make fun of what you don’t understand. Otherwise, you’re no better than the goyim who make fun of talit and t’fillin and keeping kosher. All those people in attendance appeared to appreciate the significance of the event. You must think the intent of the video was to provoke riddicule. If you do, then you’re wrong…..

  • 9. YM wrote:

    It’s a Mitzvah in the Torah to redeem the firstborn male donkey, this is a rare Mitzvah since you’ll hardly find a Jew who owns a donkey, however there is a farm in the Klausenberg Camp and they do have a donkey who by chance gave birth the first time to a male, so this event is historic since you’ll most probably not see again such an event in the near future.


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