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Another Opportunity for Religious Students to Earn Graduate Degrees! (a)

Bochurim studying. Illustration Photo.

T.E.A.M., a New York-based education organization is expanding its innovative approach towards higher education in the Jewish community by providing students the opportunity to earn Graduate Degrees using their Yeshiva credits.

T.E.A.M., an acronym for Teaching Education Assessment and Management, enables students with a Yeshiva B.A. and those with traditional B.A.’s to enroll in top level schools at significant tuition reductions – usually at least 25% off tuition.

Students can complete their graduate degrees in either Business (M.B.A.) as well as a Masters in Special Education (M.S. Ed) from PACE University (with N.Y. State teacher certification), or earn a General Education Degree. Students can call the TEAM office for further information at (347) 560-TEAM, or go to www.GoTeamEd.com to learn more or register.

Meaningful Degree

T.E.A.M. is a community-based initiative which brings the highest educational services to the community in a comfortable setting without sacrificing content or standards. “Many young yeshiva men and women complete their Yeshiva or B.A. at the undergraduate level. However, these hard-earned and meaningful degrees are not formally recognized for entry into the majority of accredited education master’s programs, leaving these students with limited options for educational advancement and parnasa opportunities,” says Aaron Braunstein, the program director. “Now with T.E.A.M., students can use their Yeshiva B.A. to directly enter esteemed accredited graduate programs.

What was both encouraging and surprising was the great feedback we received from our partner universities. They allowed us to modify their course delivery to accommodate the creation of separate men and women cohorts. In addition, we received thousands in tuition reductions that are passed on directly to each and every student year after year.” says Braunstein. T.E.A.M. also provides special student support services at no cost.

Top Tier Schools

T.E.A.M. has special relationships with PACE University in Manhattan, Aspen University and others. T.E.A.M. students can earn their Special Education Graduate Degree with State Certification. In addition, a General Education M.S. Degree and an M.B.A. Business Degree are available for students who have a Yeshiva B.A. (NO other prerequisites are required).

Flexible Graduate Programs

T.E.A.M.’s Special Education program with PACE University allows for special one evening a week classes (Monday evenings) starting this September, 2010. The business M.B.A. Degree program begins in October and allows for a 25% tuition discount as well as separate classes for men and women.

Flexible B.A. Programs

The TEAM B.A. program allows students the ability to apply up to 80 credits earned from any Yeshiva to a regionally accredited bachelor’s degree (B.A.). This means that only 13 classes will be required for students to finish the B.A. Others without yeshiva credits may start from scratch. TEAM offers support services and guidance unmatched in earning their credits.

Women’s Portfolio Program

Current teachers without a bachelor’s degree but with seminary credits and three or more years of teaching experience can enter into an accredited MS. Ed program by producing a teaching portfolio, which is accomplished under the direction of an personal TEAM portfolio coach.

“The Career Portfolio allows skilled teachers to enter into a fully accredited and accepted Education Masters program who do not have a B.A.” says Braunstein. “The portfolio is a compilation of evidence that documents the attainment of a level of knowledge, experience, and expertise that is appropriate for entry into this accredited master’s program in education.

Filling the Gap

“All of our programs successfully bridge the educational gap which had existed in the community. The Special Education Degree (with N.Y. Certification), the General Education Degree and the M.B.A. Business Degree allow students a way to gain the highest of credentials from well known and respected universities at deep tuition reductions.”

Rolling Admissions

Because T.E.A.M. employs a rolling admissions policy, new students can always sign up and take advantage of the program’s flexible times and locations. Students can enroll online by going to www.GoTeamEd.com or by calling the N.Y. office at (347) 560-TEAM. Mr. Braunstein is also available to talk to students and can be reached at (516) 528-8871.

“An accredited degree from top tier universities will propel students into higher salary brackets, enabling them to achieve financial goals previously beyond their reach,” concludes Brainstein.


  • 2. Shlomo wrote:

    I don’t think that the pictures origin is important. It was to show that the Yeshiva learning can now be used as a stepping store to earning really accredited credentials. Finally our community has a pathway to success!

  • 3. Avraham M. wrote:

    I did this program and used mt Yeshiva BA to get in and saved alot. it was very supportive and helpful!


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