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KKK Claims Helped Take Down Agriprocessors

Members of the Fraternal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan attend an event. The FWKs have held marches and also claim to have infiltrated the Postville Agriprocessors plant to expose illegal immigrants.

POSTVILLE, IA [CHI] — In an interview with an Iowan newspaper, the local KKK leader claimed his group helped take down Agriprocessors. He said that a couple of Klan members had infiltrated the plant and helped expose illegals there.

The interview was conducted by Jeff Krueger for the Northern Iowan. It was regarding the local chapters involvement in vandalism and assault.

The groups founder, Imperial Wizard of the Fraternal White Knights of the KKK, Douglas claimed it had no involvement in the violence.

However he did tell the Northern Iowan that the group had its ways of getting what it wants and mentioned the Klan’s involvement with the federal raid of the Agriprocessors plant.

…the Klan works in a number of ways to achieve its goals. He said that a couple of Klan members had infiltrated the Postville Agriprocessors plant and helped expose illegal immigrants working there. However, he did not give names of the members involved. In May 2008, federal authorities raided the plant, arresting more than 380…

A fast day will be held Monday for Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin


  • 1. a Yid wrote:

    Yimoch shemom such scum should be obliterated from the face of the earth, the white cloak they wear covers up the most disgraceful form of a human being.

  • 2. Disgusted wrote:

    Hashem should obliterate their names from the face of this earth! Just as bad as the Nazis y”sh. They have a way to achieve their goals?!? Hashem has far greater ways to achieve His goals and get rid of them pooh, pooh, pooh.

  • 4. YMACH SHMOM wrote:

    Its one thing that these guys want the plant shut
    Its alot worse when a federal Judge tails along with them

  • 5. Basya wrote:

    Is it really necessary to put a picture of them. They don’t deserve any attention


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