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1,500-Year-Old Inscription Discovered in Northern Israel


Israel Antiquities Authority excavations in the village of et-Taiyiba in the Jezreel Valley recently unearthed an inscription written on stone. The Greek inscription, engraved in stone, comes from the frame of an entrance door dating from the Byzantine period (late fifth century CE).

It was discovered incorporated in secondary use in one of the walls of a magnificent building dating from the Byzantine or Early Islamic period, where the excavations uncovered two rooms containing mosaic pavements with a geometric design.

The inscription was recovered in an archaeological excavation directed by Tzachi Lang and Kojan Haku of the Israel Antiquities Authority prior to the construction of a road inside the village. As part of the Israel Antiquities Authority’s policy of increasing public interest in archaeology, students, volunteers and workers from the local community, participated in the excavation.

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