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Israel’s Stunningly Successful Vaccination Effort


In a world that has reported over five million people vaccinated from COVID-19, an anomaly is beginning to show from a country that has a penchant for doing the impossible.

Of the world’s nearly five and a half million COVID-19 Vaccine doses given, Israel boasts over 784,900, that’s nearly one in nine of every dose given worldwide.¬†It also represents about 7.4% of the Israeli population, a figure that puts the State of Israel first in the world in terms of vaccinations per capita.

To put that in perspective, as of the latest numbers provided, Russia had only reported giving 52,000 doses, and Germany just 78,109. Israel even beat out Canada, where they had given 71,725 doses.

“Due to the hard work of our healthcare workers, as well as the swift establishment of no less than 257 vaccination stations, this is the second day running that Israel has vaccinated over 150,000 people,”¬†Health Minister Yuli Edelstein said.

The only countries that outdid Israel in terms of vaccination numbers were the United States (2.59 Million), China (1 Million) and the United Kingdom (800,000).

The cause of the stunningly successful vaccine rollout in the tiny country has been attributed to the military mindset of the country, allowing for the massive undertaking with a strong logistical infrastructure.

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