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Three Israelis On Cruise Ship Test Positive for Coronavirus


As efforts to bring back the Israelis on the so-called “coronavirus ship,” the Diamond Princess cruise ship, continue, it turns out that three have been infected with the virus.

The Ministry of Health said, “Japan authorities this morning reported that 3 Israelis on the Diamond Princess ship anchored in Japan were found to have tested positive for the coronavirus and according to the report we received, their condition is light. Several passengers are still undergoing testing.”

“The Ministry of Health is in direct contact with the authorities in Japan, the World Health Organization and other relevant bodies,” it said.

The three Israelis who were found to have been infected with the virus were transferred to a hospital in Japan, and Israel will send a specialist doctor who will be in direct contact with the relevant parties in Japan and accompany them in the medical process.

As for the rest of the Israelis on the ship, as long as it is found that they have not been infected with the virus, the ministry is checking the possibility of bringing them to Israel by special direct flight via the insurance companies with which they are insured. Upon their return, they will undergo quarantine and medical surveillance.

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