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Amnesty International Says Israeli Missile Struck Building, Was Caught In Lie as Misfired Jihad Rocket Was The Culprit


Amnesty International blatantly lied on Tuesday when it accused Israel of violating international law for bombing the Palestinian Independent Commission for Human Rights building in Gaza.

Amnesty tweeted: “We strongly condemn attack on the Palestinian Independent Commission for Human Rights whose office in Gaza was struck by an Israeli missile earlier this morning. Strikes targeting civilian buildings is a violation of international law. We are sending our solidarity to @ICHR_Pal”.

Meanwhile, Fox News foreign correspondent Trey Yingst who is reporting from Gaza fired back on Twitter and said the building was hit by a rocket that misfired from Gaza, and that he witnessed the event.

“Israel did not strike this building. A rocket misfired from Gaza. I was across the street when it happened,” wrote Yingst on Twitter.

You think Amnesty removed their tweet?

Of course not.

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