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Gantz to Receive Mandate to Form Israel’s Government Tomorrow Night


Blue and White leader Benny Gantz will receive the mandate to form a government from President Reuven Rivlin tomorrow night at 8:00pm, the President’s office announced Tuesday evening.

Director of the President’s office Harel Tobi had conversations with all Knesset factions requesting their recommendation for a candidate to form the next government after Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu returned the mandate to the president last night.

After receiving word that the parties’ positions had not changed, President Rivlin decided to give the mandate to Gantz at 8 PM Wednesday night.

Under the Basic Law, Gantz will have 28 days to form the government, and he will not be able to request a further extension. If Gantz fails to form a coalition, the President will inform the Speaker of the Knesset, and individual MKs will be able to recommend candidates for prime minister.

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