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BREAKING: Sirens Sound in Gaza Envelope Towns (Updated Motzai Shabbos 9:00PM)

Rocket sirens sounded in the city of Sderot and nearby Israeli communities on Friday evening.

Rockets were reported to have been fired from Gaza, and locals have reported hearing explosions.

The IDF said the details are presently under investigation.

Update: IDF spokesman released a statement that at least one rocket was fired from Gaza, and was intercepted by the iron dome.

Update: On Saturday night, and IDF spokesperson issued a statement regarding a rocket alert sounded in Israel’s south, announcing that “three rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel.”

“Two were shot down by the Iron Dome,” the statement explained. Saturday night’s rocket attack arrived just a day after Palestinian terrorists fired at least two rockets at Israeli territory on Friday evening. Two Israelis were lightly injured running to bomb shelters on Saturday, but no other injuries from that attack surfaced.

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