Israeli Soldier Murdered In Suspected Kidnapping Attempt

Dvir Yehuda Sorek OBM, a newly enlisted soldier in the IDF, was murdered early Thursday morning, in what is believed to be a kidnapping attempt. The IDF is presently investigating, and no terrorist organization has yet taken responsibility.


Dvir Yehuda Sorek obm, a 19 year old student at a Hesder Yeshiva in Israel, was found murdered near a town in Gush Etzion Thursday morning.

The murder is believed to have been a botched kidnapping attempt, but no terrorist organization has yet taken responsibility.

Dvir had sent a message that he is on his way to his Yeshiva in Migdal Oz from Jerusalem around 7:30pm, and his friends reported him missing at around 11:50pm.

Police pinged his cell to its last location at around 10:00pm, and after an extensive search, his body was found with multiple stab wounds at 3:13 in the morning.

The IDF spokesperson put out a statement that “The body of a soldier was found in the early hours of the morning with stabbing wounds, near the city of Hebron. The soldier was a student in a Yeshiva, at the first stage of his military service. Our troops together with Israeli security forces are searching the area.”

A gag order was placed on further information on the investigation.

Levaya: The funeral of soldier Dvir Yehuda Sorek obm, will take place 20:00 tonight at the Ofra cemetery.

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