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Rocket Attack on Tel Aviv

A series of red alert sirens sounded Thursday evening in the Gush Dan region in central Israel.

In addition, an explosion was reported in the city of Or Yehudah near Tel Aviv.

The IDF confirmed that two rockets were fired at Gush Dan. One rocket was intercepted by the Iron Dome system. The remains of a rocket fell in northern Tel Aviv.

No casualties were reported.

The Islamic Jihad terrorist organization claimed responsibility for the rocket launches.


  • 1. Updated story wrote:

    Latest info is neither of the 2 rockets were inyercepted by the iron dome but they didnt cause physical damage. Bibi and the ministers are at a meeting deciding how to handle it. Hamas was at a meeting with egyptians when it happened trying to get concessions from israel. In return for more concessions hamas would agree to give a longer ceasefire. Really ridiculous to give any concessions to gaza. They need to go into gaza and wipe out hamas instead of just bombing empty buildings

  • 2. More rockets fired at israel wrote:

    Now 2 more rockets fired from gaza at area around gaza. One rocket intercepted by iron dome. IDF confirms rockets were fired by Hamas in spite of them denying it

  • 3. Hamas attack on tel aviv accident??? wrote:

    Rockets were fired at area around gaza. Last was at 7am.
    IDF attacked 100 places in gaza which were empty and killed no arabs!!!
    IDF said hamas attacked tel aviv by accident!??
    Any and every excuse not to do what needs to be done in gaza


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