2 IDF Soldiers Murdered in Givat Assaf Shooting


The IDF confirmed that the two people who were murdered in the shooting attack at a junction near Givat Assaf Thursday were soldiers.

“During today’s shooting attack in the Asaf Junction, in which a terrorist fired towards IDF soldiers who were standing at a bus station, two IDF soldiers were killed and an additional soldier was severely injured,” the IDF stated.

The families of the victims have been notified.

The IDF stated that it “extends its heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families, and will continue to support the families of the casualties.”

Initial investigations indicate that that a terrorist arrived in a vehicle to the Givat Assaf junction, got out of the vehicle and approached the hitchhiking station there, and opened fire on people standing at the junction. The terrorist then returned to his car and, with the assistance of another terrorist in the vehicle, escaped from the scene unharmed. Following the attack, the IDF bolstered forces in the area and encircled the city of Ramallah.

A civilian was also severely wounded in the attack.

All Binyamin region towns on “Avir Layla” have been placed on lockdown until further notice. Ramallah has also been placed under lockdown by the IDF.

The shooting follows a similar incident on Sunday in which a terrorist opened fire on a crowd of people, all civilians, who were standing at the Ofra Junction. Six people were wounded, including a young mother who was in critical condition and whose newborn son died yesterday after being born prematurely.

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