Israels Channel 10 News Doctors Footage to Discredit Chareidim

Thanks to totally fake news reports in Israel about the El Al flights on Friday, the Internet is flooded with fictitious reports of Chareidim assaulting the flight crew, and some saying the Chareidim nearly broke open the cockpit door of the heavily delayed flight. The flight was eventually diverted to Athens Greece so as to land before shabbos.

News10 in Israel took their Fake news reporting to an entirely new level.

They “doctored-up” a video of Chareidim on the flight singing Shabbos songs, and instead put screaming and shouting instead.

The video below is self-explanatory. The first 50 seconds shows singing. After that is the same footage, but the audio is totally different.

As YWN has reported, thankfully a prominent Israeli news correspondent Yehuda Schlesinger was among those on the flight, a person who is not chareidi nor frum, and he describes what he saw, a far cry from the ‘fake news’ reports.

To watch the video: Click Here



  • We will overcome!

    The entire group of 150 Jews had a great Shabbos with delicious food prepared by the Chabad Shluchim in Athens!
    IYH they will build a Mikvah as a thank you to the Shluchim!
    Everything is Bhashgocha Protis!

  • Andrea Schonberger

    I wonder if the “doctored” video is true? In all honesty, I can imagine myself throwing a tantrum any 2 year old child would be proud of in finding out my flight was going to be delayed then diverted. I went to Israel this October and the flight was delayed for 45 minutes which caused me to almost miss the connecting flight to Ben Gurion. If ever there was a disgruntled traveler who was ready to riot it was me LOL!

    • Milhouse

      You can see for yourself that it’s not true. The exact same cliip is shown first with the genuine sound track, and then with the sound track the TV channel dubbed onto it, and you can see with your own eyes that it’s fake.

  • Daniel

    The reason they are suing ElAl is because the great time they had was thanks to Chabad of Greece and no thanks to ElAl who took them captive and forced them to fly and refused to let them off in NY even though they knew that they couldn’t really get them to Israel before Shabbos, and than vilified them on all Israeli media as if the observant Jews were violent which they were not! Pure antisemitism, very in thing at the moment in Israel, blame the religious Jews for everyones problems and distract the public from the real problem, ElAl’s being unrealiable and lowsy service

  • The Kangaroo

    They are suing because there is money involved. Did they ask a Rabbi if they should do it.You should fear your Gd