Terrorist Torches Israeli Greenhouse


A terrorist set a greenhouse alight on Friday in a town adjoining the Gaza Strip before being caught by security forces.

After successfully crossing the Gaza border, the terrorist torched a greenhouse in the community of Netiv Ha’Asarah. The town’s security coordinator alerted the IDF after noticing the blaze, who caught the terrorist and handed him over to the Shin Bet for interrogation.

No weapons were found in his possession.

A preliminary investigation conducted by the Southern Command revealed that the perpetrator succeeded in penetrating Israeli territory after cutting the fence.

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  • 1. The Kangaroo wrote:

    Maybe if Natanyahou would stop being a world class actor and do his job instead this thing would not happen.,I think that Natanyahou wants to be a world leader and Israel is his small stage.It is time for a new leader Moisne Rabienu was a she-hard The Bal Shem a teacher of small children, these are the leaders that Gd choose


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