Stabbing Attack in Chevron

An Israeli soldier was stabbed by an Arab terrorist in the city of Hevron Monday morning.

The attack occurred between the Avraham Avinu neighborhood and the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hevron, when an Arab terrorist carrying a pair of scissors lunged at a group of IDF soldiers, stabbing one of them.

Israeli security forces opened fire on the terrorist, killing him.

The soldier wounded in the attack is said to be in light condition, and was evacuated to the hospital for treatment. He is reportedly conscious and able to stand on his feet.

Yossi Dayan, head of the local ZAKA response team, describe the scene of the attack.

“When I arrived at the scene, I saw the terrorist lying in the middle of the road and next to him a sharp object after he tried to stab civilians and was neutralized by the soldiers. A young man who was lightly injured by the terrorist was treated at the scene and then taken to the hospital. There are no further casualties. ZAKA volunteers from the Shai region are taking care of the scene.”

An IDF spokesperson said the army was examining the circumstances of the incident.

“An assailant attempted to stab a soldier adjacent to the Cave of the Patriarchs, lightly injuring him,” the IDF said in a statement. “The soldier and other forces at the scene, responded with live fire.”



  • 1. Bh!! wrote:

    Our soldiers can protect themselves!!
    Arabs have to stop these crazy attacks!!

  • 2. Hmm wrote:

    Don’t think this can be called a terrorist attack. Terrorism specifically targets civilians, not military personnel. It’s a tragedy, but not a terrorist attack.

  • 3. To #2 wrote:

    Who cares? A goy tried to kill a yid and BH the yid is alive and goy is dead. Unfortunately it doesn’t always go this way. The truth is that Netanyahu should chap arein while Trump is president and push all these camel jockeys into the yam hagodol. Now’s the time to take care of business. The Rebbe screamed and cried for shleimus haaretz and these fools want to play international politics?

  • 4. To 3 wrote:

    #2 is totally right and you are a total racist. How dare you say such things that, by the sound of it, encompass woman and children. What did they ever do to you?! They’re innocent. Likewise with everyone who never committed a terror attack. Collective punishment is totally not ok and it’s a war crime and a crime against humanity. Target the terrorists and leave the others alone.


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