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IAF F-16 Crash Caused by “Professional Error”

An investigation into the cause of a crash, which injured two pilots and destroyed an Israeli Air Force f-16 fighter jet, while attacking targets in Syria was caused by “professional error” according to the military.

Announcing the results of an investigation, the military said Sunday that the crew did not follow “standard procedure while under enemy fire.” It says the crew chose to complete the mission and did not adequately defend themselves.

The incident occurred on Feb. 10 after an Iranian drone infiltrated Israeli airspace from Syria. Israel shot down the drone and then attacked what it said was an Iranian command center. Israeli planes came under anti-aircraft fire, and one was struck. Israel responded by destroying Syrian anti-aircraft positions.

Both the pilot and co-pilot managed to eject before crashing, one was critically injured while the other was moderately injured. Both are expected to recover.


  • 2. Izzy wrote:

    Do you really think the Israeli Airforce will tell the world what really went wrong!!!

    Not a chance,

  • 3. thank Hashem for the miracles wrote:

    What a miracle that the pilots will recover.
    May Hashem continue to protect us with open miracles.

  • 4. Great Dane wrote:

    Some of the debris from the anti-aircraft missile that was shot at that plane was recovered and turned over to the IDF/IAF. It turns out that the missile is Russian, which means that either a Russian pressed the button or a Russian oversaw the process of the button being pressed. This is apparently why Israel retaliated by hitting a base with some 300 Russian paid mercenaries.
    It’s clear here that Russia is a bad actor. Sadly, the Russian-Iranian forces are in the north and bearing down on Israel, just as the prophet predicted, ״מִצָּפוֹן֙ .תִּפָּתַ֣ח הָרָעָ֔ה עַ֥ל כׇּל־יֹשְׁבֵ֖י הָאָֽרֶץ״

    I look forward to another Purim/Pesach miracle, but this time with the גאולה האמיתית והשלמה ע״י משיח צדקנו בב״א


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