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Rockets Fired from Gaza; Israel Retaliates

Israel and the Hamas-controlled Gaza strip moved closer to war for the first time since 2014, as terrorists fired several rockets and mortars into Israel from the Palestinian territory.

Sirens wailed in southern Israel early Shabbos morning, warning residents of an incoming rocket. One landed in an open field, causing no injuries.

The Israeli Air Force responded by striking targets in Gaza.

Palestinian attacks from Gaza intensified after Israel uncovered an attack tunnel Thursday beneath the border.


  • 1. Shlomie wrote:

    If the government of Israel would have listen to the Rebbe about NOT even discussing politics, this would not have Happand……

  • 2. to # 1 wrote:

    i agree with you % 100, and why can’t israel just wipe them off the face of the map and not worry about what the world is going to say, we have to protect ourselves!!!

  • 3. sholom wrote:

    If they know of terror-targets in Gaza, why do they wait to strike them? The bloodshed will never end with such a lax attitude.

  • 4. DeClasse' Intellectual wrote:

    #1) What has been done, has been done.
    And as long as the Palestians (including Hamas) continue to hold these ideological beliefs about the destruction of Israel, these attacks will continue upon the Jews. Is there an end to this, perhaps but being politically correct in responses is not the answer as past history has taught us and the Israeli government should take notice that is it not the citizens of the politically correct European Union who are being marked for death.

  • 5. It's never too late wrote:

    They can still choose to listen to the Rebbe and tell the world to “fly a kite”.

    Those who hate Israel – will continue to hate them no matter what they do, they will just respect them a bit more.

    Unfortunately the left in Israel is so irrational that even if Chas V’Shalom there would be a bod situation in Israel, they would continue to defent the arabs – unfortunately there is no chance the government will do this. The only hope is Moshiach.


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